E mi sto preparando al rituale di questa sera. Ogni muscolo è già concentrato, teso, gonfio, vigile..

Per ora solo sensi in massima allerta e domande sulla vera evoluzione della serata.. queste sono le regole definite. Ma poi simboli, Madri e mantelli saranno ai nostri piedi.. 


Ladies and Gentlemen are required to wear an elegant evening dress and suit (black tie)

The ladies are also required a black cloak with hood.

Venetian masks are mandatory.

After some relaxing moments of drinking, meeting and greeting, the Ladies will be invited to join our Witches in a changing room, where they will undress and keep only their high-heels shoes, their cloak and eventually some pieces of lingerie, optionally with a soft BDSM attitude.

The Gentlemen will stay, in a circle around a central empty space where the Three Mothers, the Brides of the Dark Lord, will be celebrating the Ritual; they will wait for the Ladies to come back. Each Gentleman will leave on both sides, between himself and his neighbor, enough place for one Lady to fit in.

The Ladies will reach the circle of Gentlemen, and place aside the next Gentleman in the line, in order to form a complete circle, one Lady and one Gentleman and so on.

The Three Mothers celebrating the Ritual are Witches: Suspiria – the Mother of Sighs – Lachrymae – the Mother of Tears – and Tenebrae – the mother of Darkness, or the Black Queen.
One of the Three Mothers will pass along the circle offering a cup of old ruby wine, the sweet poison of the Dark Lord.

Then the Black Queen will invite the other two Mothers to pick a Lady and a Gentleman and take them to the center of the Circle in front of her, showing the Symbol, which she will pick from a basket of cards.

A Mother will remove the cloak of the Lady; then, the Gentleman will sketch on the Lady’s naked body the Symbol, by his hands dipped in a pigment. Draw carefully, as the Symbol is magic..

Then, while the Gentleman goes back to his place in the circle, the Lady will remain next to the center, while a Mother goes and pick up another pair.

There is one different Symbol every two Ladies: then as each Gentleman will sketch his Symbol, all the Ladies will gather in the inner circle and each one will find her twin; one pair of Ladies having the same specific Symbol sketch on her body will start a special erotic play!

The Three Mothers, the Brides of the Dark Lord, will lead the play and teach the Twins how to find their own Dark Pleasures. The Gentlemen will stand, watching, until when the Black Queen will decide that the Twins can go and find them to join the erotic play.